Thursday, 1 September 2016

Good-Bye Summer Table

There comes a time in life when you become out of focus, and are not interested in things that one loved to do. The past three months have been months of mixed feelings for me. I was busy sometimes and sometimes I was not so busy. I developed severe leg pain which restricted my movement, but I am back to normal now. Beside all of this I am heart broken too, because for my dear pussy cat (Pussyma) has been missing from the scene for the last one and half month. I haven't seen him for quite some time and remembering him makes me cry. I miss him so much.  I pray that nothing terrible has happened to him and hope to see him soon at our door step. He is a out door cat who visited us everyday to have his cat food and to have his sixteen hours long nap and would quietly slip away in the evening after few loving pats.   

Meanwhile, I have been visiting everyone's blog and enjoyed seeing all the wonderful  table settings. And as usual everyone's beautiful updates were refreshing to read. 

Summer slipped away saying i would return next year and the weather here is sometime  hot, humid with evening showers. The garden is green and lovely.  I wanted to bounce back to blogging with a table setting near the bay window and hope those who stopped at Crystal Grandeur to like it. Thank you...:)   

                       The Pretty Flowers are from our garden

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Green and white table with greens:))

I loved transforming a simple wired egg basket into a centerpiece with leaves and fruits for a pleasant white & green table setting. 
The evening showers have brought glossy look to the leaves and using them for a decor looked fresh whatever the weather outside--sunny or rainy. 

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Summer table with Lilies:))

A few drops of rain, a few whiffs of breeze could make a garden bloom. How true are these lines. Last weeks a sudden down pour saw a grand parade of yellow and white lilies blooming  in our garden. Lilies are  summer favorites. Although this particular variety stay bloomed for shorter time arranging them in a bowl for this weeks table scape  looked striking. Everyone knows wherever a few lilies stand they can still draw all eyes. For the table I used a hand painted floral motif  linen which is with me for almost seventeen years. I was happy to use it for the first time and it looked good on the table. While I loved creating this table at the same time felt quite bad to see the flowers dangling next day.     

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