Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Romantic Fall Table :))

Fall is the time to fall in love with the season and with Fall elements that we come across. Fall is also associated with romance, and lot to say about fun dates, snuggling, holding hands and cozy fire side chats.  

In spirit of the season setting a table for two with Sun flower plates and with much adored & used Fall decor element a ceramic pumpkin as a candle holder and placing bunches of saturated shades of greens in a vase looked pretty. All fall into Fall style romantic table.  

I think I am smitten by  Sun flower plate table setting and this is second in row in a week at Crystal Grandeur. Restricting the color palette to shades of brown & white gives a warm look in the cozy corner. 

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A Table With Early Fall Colors:)

It's a known factor that hues change according to seasons.  Warmer months are coming to an end with Autumn in sight. Good to see Summer color's the Green, yellow- Green and Yellow giving way to yellowish - Orange towards the end of the season. Mother nature gives us the opportunity during seasons to pick colors from flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables also from coat of  animals, birds and  fill our home with what we love through our choices of colors.   

I was absent for a while from blogging and getting back to it always makes me  grin. Doing a scape with sun flower plates for the season looked pretty too. These plates are recent gift to me from my niece Dr Shanthi from UK. I always wanted to own sunflower print plates and I presume that she read my mind. Thanks to her for reading my mind as well carrying it all the way. Here I have the smiley Sunflower plates on the table.Everyone knows the  soft & smooth yellow petals of a Sun flower are beautiful & lyrical. Who would't love to venture into a Sunflower field? While talking about Sun Flowers I also remember the classic Italian movie Sun Flower (Girasoli)watching with my Dad & Mom as a young girl way back in 70's.  It's one of  a kind of movie featuring the ever green actress Sophia Loren in the lead. A must watch movie.

I have been tracking Hurricane Irma and I pray for the safety of  the people & animals. We encountered category 3 cyclone few months ago which was devastating by all means. I feel that Mother Nature is cautioning us to be kind to her  and not to take her for granted. It's high time for us to think about global warming and other aspects.

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Friday, 11 August 2017

A coffees cape with a fashion talk:)

It's easy to while away morning and evening hours of a holiday with a cup of hot coffee or tea near the bay window if the weather permits. The weather is affable here these days after we experiencing hot & humid days of summer. What better way to enjoy your morning coffee all by yourself with a touch of flash back. 

The other day a coffee setting near the window reminisced my student days in a fashion design institute at Bombay. Going down the memory lane of almost twenty three years brought back the sweet memories of fun & laughter in the institute. It's wonderful to learn about seasons colors & fashion with style, cuts, fabrics, necklines, prints, red carpet fashion, acclaimed international & desi designers and so on. Projects done on Coco channel & Christian Dior was pleasure as well. Me being a mother of two kids enjoyed my everyday home work along with them by painting and designing a crocky. The subject on fashion is vast and my mantra on dressing sense lies in the cut & texture of a fabric and also suiting ones body structure. Nothing compares to a beautiful elegant dressing style. Let's enjoy the fashion and dressing...:)  

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